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Staying Safe and Avoiding Cyber Threats- SME’s

When it comes to technology and particularly using the internet it is extremely important that you know the tips and tricks to make sure you are staying safe. Most cyber crime comes through a form of hacking a network or using ransom ware and phishing e-mails. it isn’t common that cyber crime is committed by a physical action although that can happen also.

In order to protect your business there are things that you can implement in order to ensure that you don’t fall victim to the most common forms of cyber crime;

Encrypt files, wherever you store your files ensure that they are encrypted so as anyone who hacks in through your system can’t just take them and use them,

Back up files, all important files should be backed up as well as having a hard copy this will mean that the business can still operate with little disruption however you must inform the relevant services and customers should a breach occur,

Get smart with email you ensure that your emails are protected and do not download any malicious software by mistake, to ensure this make sure you can trust and trace the sender of the e-mail,

Undertake regular assessments
continually look at your cyber risks and assess ways in which you can fill the gaps, whether it be using and implementing two step authentication for users or having password protected information that only certain people have the password to access,

Get insured one of the best ways that your business can protect itself will to get cyber insurance this will then mean that the costs of a breach are covered as well as giving you the help you need to remedy the situation and ensure it doesn’t arise again.

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