Life Science Insurance

Life Science insurance is quite a broad term, as you can imagine there are many aspects that are considered life sciences. This in turn makes insurance a tricky thing to find for a lot of life science businesses. We are geared up to help as a specialist broker we work closely with insurers to cover all risks. We go over clients and proposals with a fine-tooth comb to ensure you have all the options and fully understand your risks. We find it is as important for the you, the client, to understand your risks as it is the insurer.

What are Life Sciences ?

Life Sciences can be anything from medicine to research. From a new medical device to a study of the brain. Life sciences has a huge spectrum and often conventional insurances don’t provide the cover that is required for such complex businesses. A lot of the time life science is a term used to define complex businesses in the medical or research sectors whether it be microbiology or even behavioral studies. Some brokers can find it difficult to negotiate the technical aspects of life sciences and will often either use a generic policy or struggle to get a quote.

What we do?

We understand the different components that go into a Life Science business and as a result we know exactly the types of insurance you may need and the best ways to get them. As a specialist broker we can access some of the best insurance markets in the world. Meaning that we can not only source the specific insurances you may need but also tailor it to cover all risks.

Life sciences are often closely related to other types of business insurance that may be appropriate. Life science businesses should ask themselves whether they are or do the following?

Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Medical devices,

Clinical trials

If so, we have dedicated services for these area’s just get in touch.

Or if you require more information on life science insurance please contact us.