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Technology and Mental Health

Mental Health- How technology has an impact?

Often technology has a negative stigma attached when it comes to mental health. With social media more prevalent now than ever people can often become isolated and lose touch with society. This means that they can begin to have self-doubts and lose focus on what really matters. But technology is also being used to combat mental health problems.

Digital Services-

Digital services are being launched all over the country in order to help people combat and deal with mental health problems. Digital services can be used to provide information on mental health to sufferers and, they’re close relatives and friends. When dealing with mental health it is not just a medical health professional that can help a patient, it is often the case that friends, and family have just as big of an impact on recovery.

Digital services are now not only able to provide necessary information but can be used to help treat the root cause. Services such as Kooth are geared up with professionals to help provide text-based therapy whilst patients are waiting for counsellor appointments. Services like this are growing in prominence and with mental health a big focus for governments and all of society a like we would only anticipate the need and demand for these services to grow.

Digital services are the new wave of medicine in the industry. Telemedicine is a massive growth area with emphasis on reducing the amount of stress on the NHS and other health services alike globally. Telemedicine is already used to provide care treatment and information to various reaches of society. It can be used to analyse results and develop appropriate treatments.

The future of treatment-

The NHS’s long-term plan has named mental health a priority. Moreover, this would be likely to mean an increase in funding for treatments and as a result telemedicine will have a huge part to play in treating patients effectively and providing continued support after counselling. It may soon be the case that telemedicine is able to prescribe for mental health and carry out nonmedicated treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

It is not limited to an area of medicine either. Telemedicine will be able to monitor changes in patients with diabetes or heart issues, it will be able to help improve fertility as well as provide access to specialist information relevant to your illness or treatment. It can be used to put doctors and patients together abroad or in remote areas. The possibilities for telemedicine and digital health services are endless.

What we aim to do?

Understanding growth markets in the specialisms we operate is fundamental in the work we do in order to help protect clients at the cutting edge of their respective industries. We have made it part of our mission to understand the complex risks facing the telemedicine industry. As a result, we are able to aid telemedicine businesses in protecting against these risks and safeguard their futures as a consequence.

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