UK has always been a hub for innovation stretching back hundreds of years.

At the centre of everyday life and found in almost all industries and business information technology is a huge driver of growth in the UK.

Since 2010 when David Cameron announced the expansion of London silicon roundabout the capitals rise as a technology centre has been significant. Indeed the technology cluster based in London is Europe’s fastest growing. Between 2009 and 2012 there have been 50,000 new technology start up’s.

But it’s not just London technology hubs are developing quickly in many major cities like Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester and Swansea.

The IT and computing sector is forecast to continue to expand, and to be a key element of business growth. Employment in the sector over the next decade is projected to grow nearly five times faster than the UK average.

Industries that fall under the IT umbrella include computer programming, consultancy, gaming, networking and facilities management, data processing and hosting, internet service provision, telecommunications and web portals. Within these activities include design, project management through to media marketing strategy and planning. Software development app development

The technology sector faces many issues around skills shortage and keeping pace with ever changing technological development for which the insurance industry cannot provide any help but there are some which we can. Companies within the technology sector face many issues around the changing legislative environment, data security, privacy and intellectual property for which ADF Insurance have a range of insurance products that can provide essential protection including.

Cyber Liability – first and third party digital risks- see our Quote & Buy system to get a quick quote

Directors & Officers Liability – investors will want this

Intellectual Property – helping you protect you copyright, design and trademarks

  • Are you a tech start up?

    There 1300 start ups in London’s Tech City alone. 270,000 businesses in the digital sector across the UK!

    If you’re looking to start a business in the technology sector insurance can play an important part to help you achieve your goals. If you have a revolutionary idea for a piece of tech or business concept that is sure to turn the market on its head, you need to make sure it’s protected from competitors. Insurance is available to help you protect your IP.

    Attracting capital and funding from investors is hugely important. This process can be a testing and risky experience as it opens up your company to intense scrutiny from a range of organisations. Protecting yourself and your business via Directors & Officers Liability insurance policy will give you some peace of mind should representations be challenged or in some way fall foul of any regulatory bodies.

    Please take a look at our insurance for technology page for more information

  • Professional indemnity

    Insurance that protects your property against all risks of physical loss or damage both here in the UK and anywhere around the world

    The types of property insurance we can arrange includes:

    Buildings insurance
    Contents/Machinery insurance
    Stock insurance
    Computer insurance
    Prototypes/models insurance
    Property in trust insurance
    Insurance for loss resulting from off premises utility failure
    Insurance for deterioration of perishable property
    Research records including the cost of recreating experiments

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