Medical Equipment Insurance

Medical equipment insurance is different to medical device insurance. medical device insurance is designed if your a seller or manufacturer of medical device. Where as a medical equipment policy is designed if your are in possession or own a medical device. For clinics and hospitals medical equipment is needed and can benefit the lives of many. However this does not come cheap with the equipment itself often being high value and repairing it can be expensive. Medical equipment is an asset and as a result from a business point of view needs protecting. We have experience of insuring many pieces of medical equipment and have worked with clinics across the country.

Medical equipment insurance;

Medical equipment insurance, covers medical equipment that is either in your possession or you are legal owner of. We have the capacity to cover a wide range of equipment for all sorts of purposes. We also have the ability to insure multiple device in a range of locations.

We can arrange insurance for your medical equipment covering;
  • All risks of physical loss or damage including accidental damage
  • Theft
  • Breakdown
Policies can be arranged to insure medical equipment at any site in the UK and overseas including whilst the medical equipment is in transit.
All types of medical equipment used in all areas of treatment including:-
  • Diagnostic
  • Treatment
  • Life support
  • Monitors
  • Laboratory/Scientific
  • Therapeutic
  • Veterinary