Over the past decade British manufacturing has become increasingly high tech to survive in the global marketplace. It has done this by building on its strengths of design, technology, creativity, innovation and service.

Manufacturers therefore present a unique challenge to the insurance industry because of the diverse nature of the industry sectors they operate in. The methods of production, types of product, the markets in which products are sold all require careful consideration when assessing your insurance needs.

Insurance can be arranged either on a package basis or as individually as follows:

  • Property insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Public and product liability insurance
  • Motor fleet insurance
  • Directors & officers liability insurance

Here at ADF Insurance we understand the unique needs of manufacturers and are able to find insurance that provides the protection that they/you need across a wide range of industries including:

  • Property insurance and business interruption insurance

    We have access to all specialist property insurers and are able to accommodate all trades.
    Insurance can be arranged to cover both your assets and loss of gross profit either here in the UK or/and overseas.

    Wide policy wordings are available to suit your needs together with a variety of different excesses.

  • Public and products liability

    Whether you are a distributor or manufacturer we can arrange public and products liability to suit your needs.

    High limits of liability are available and we can arrange cover for all exports including USA/Canada.

    We can arrange both primary and excess policies.

  • Insurance for aerospace manufacturers

    Companies that manufacture, repair or install component parts into the aerospace industry are faced with significant product liability exposures that require high levels of cover from specialist insurers.

    Aviation product liability insurance can be a particularly expensive form of insurance that is only available from a relatively small number of insurers. It is therefore vital to ensure that potential insurers understand the work that is undertaken, the nature of the product, its intended purpose and the contractual relationship with your customer.

    Here at ADF Insurance we are able to arrange product liability insurance to meet your needs via a specialist panel of insurers. We are able to access all insurers that are able to provide aviation products liability insurance and due to our understanding of the sector provide quotations that are the most competitive available in the marketplace.

  • Intellectual Property

    Nearly all businesses will have some form of intellectual property, though they may not be aware that this is the case, nor be aware that they need to protect it. Whilst awareness levels are increasing, it is often when it is too late that a business will realise how much of its value was intrinsically linked to its Intellectual Property (“IP”). Read more >

  • Biotechnology insurance

    For companies in biotechnology sector the insurance requirements are highly specialised. Taking living organisms and their components to industrial products and processes requires a specialist environment that presents unique risks to underwriters.

    Selecting insurers that understand these exposures and are able to provide the cover that is required is vital.

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