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Government backed scheme for GP’s.

The government launched a new scheme from the 1st of April that will benefit GP’s looking for indemnity. The scheme has been coined the clinical negligence scheme for general practice (CNSGP). NHS England and the British medical association have approved the scheme. It is an indemnity scheme that covers NHS services provided by general practice. This only covers work carried out by the general practitioner for NHS, Private work will still require insurance. It is a fully comprehensive scheme that will cover all claims within its scope.

The full scope is as below just follow the link;

CNSGP scope

Who will be covered by CNSGP?

Other than the obvious of GP’s being covered, the scheme will provide protection for all others involved in the provision of NHS services under general practice, up to and including; salaried and locum GP’s, nurses, students and trainees, clinical pharmacists, and other practice staff. The cover extends to out of hours work and covers primary medical services.

What happens to claims arising before April 1st?

Well the simple answer is that these are not covered by CNSGP. GP’s will have to purchase run off cover depending on the insurance that the GP had prior to this date. Whether the previous policy was on a claims made or claims occurring basis.

What exactly is covered?

The new scheme covers a scope of people, but what about the actions of those people that are covered. They are as follows:

(a)  An act, or omission, on the part of the GP /contractor/sub-contractor (or any employee or other person engaged by them) results in personal injury or loss to the third party;

(b)  The act, or omission, is in connection with the diagnosis of an illness or the provision of care or treatment to the third party; and

(c)  The act or omission occurs on or after 1 April 2019.


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