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Cyber Essentials-

Cyber Essentials

As we have all become aware, cyber crime is becoming a big issue for big companies, just look at Talk- Talk for example of even Yahoo. But what about the SME’s the enterprises that are looking to grow and expand? well unfortunately these companies aren’t safe either, it isn’t just the big fish that the cyber sharks are looking to attack they will look at the little fish to that they consider and easy target. Never before has it been more important to become protected, especially as an SME.

The government are looking to help organisations become more secure and have better defences. They have now launched a Cyber essentials scheme to teach SME’s about cyber crime, as well as allowing them to get defend themselves from cyber attacks. The Cyber Essentials scheme means that business can gain a recognised certification that demonstrates that they are more cyber secure than other. For some businesses this will mean that they are more likely to pick up clients as a client will recognise that they are competent with their data and also that they take cyber security seriously.

The Cyber Essentials  scheme will mean that businesses help prevent issues surrounding cyber crime, this in turn can potentially save thousands as it can help prevent an attack or helps you identify an attack sooner so less damage is done. Despite this scheme, Cyber attacks may still happen and you may still be affected. This is where a cyber insurance policy can help.

Cyber Insurance

A cyber insurance policy isn’t what you may think it is. Often insurance policies are considered to just be the money that is used to correct something that has happened, which is sometimes the case. However a cyber insurance policy is often more than this. It does have money available to help rectify a situation but when it comes to cyber insurance there are often specialists that have to get involved should a claim arise. Most cyber insurance policies will allow you to have access to these specialists so should a claim arise you can get people in to rectify the issue quicker and potentially stopping some of the businesses disruption as well as saving money as the problem can be rectified a lot sooner.

Cyber insurance policies also tend to offer ransom ware cover, this means that an attack that steals files and demands a ransom to get them back, the cost will be covered by the insurer.

Another must have on a cyber insurance policy has to be data asset loss protection, this means that you are able to claim back the cost of recreating/reinstalling a piece of data that has been lost or stolen. You can also get a similar product that covers software. Should software your software go down or be lost etc. the policy will cover the costs associated with putting it back in place so as you can continue with your daily operations.

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