Biomethane Bus – building confidence in renewable energy

A bus called the “Bus Hound” a futuristic bus owned by reading service buses, recorded a lap speed of 76.78 mph.

Why is this of such fascination you may ask. This particular bus runs on methane which is produced by compressing natural gases. The natural gases are a bi-product of animal waste which is where the gases are supplied from – cow manure. The design of the bus  it black and white to pay tribute to their trusty suppliers.

The methane is broken down using an AD anaerobic digestion process, the gas liquefies and is then used as the service buses fuel. It is stored in the roof of the bus in several chambers.

The companies spokesperson has reported that the aim of the modern bus was to highlight viability, credibility and power of buses fueled by renewable energy sources.

If in your in reading the bus continues to ferry passengers in this region.

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