Merseyside secures funding for the largest wood waste plant in the UK’s North West County

A new renewable waste wood combined heat & power plant will be built in Mersey Multimodal Gateway and is set to be up and running by December 2016.

It has been reported that a long term contract with Stobart Biomass Products will source £146,000 worth of waste wood to the plant, which will power 20.2 MW of renewable electricity and 7.8 MW of thermal power annually.

It has been rumoured that Stobart will be using the heat off take of the facility and putting it into their adjacent wood drying plantation. The renewable electricity produced from the plant will be provided to the grid.

The facility is expected to have more than a 20 year lifespan within this time forecasts show the plant supplying renewable electricity to more than 35,000 homes annually and reducing greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 1.3 million tonnes.

The company behind the operations and building of this plant are Danish power plant specialist Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor. The funders behind the investment have been recognised as the Green Investment Bank, Foresight Group, GCP Infrastructure Investors and Eskport Kredit Fonden- the Danish export credit agency all have provided huge sums of investment. Stobart and Burmeister & Wain are also to be amongst the investors in the new facility and have also taken on further commitments as to the running of the plant.

The plant is said to be the largest plant of its type in the UK and is the largest waste wood plant in the Northwest County.

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