Markel; introduce debt recovery helpline

Markel are launching a new tech and communication product with the added benefit of a debt recover helpline.

As part of an industry that never stays still, technology and communications, insurance will have to continually change and adapt to ensure that it can keep up with the needs of this sector. As a result, insurers are always trying to think one step ahead keep their eyes open for new technologies that will need to be protected. This often means that insurers have to look to new products to ensure that they are able to meet the demand of the market. One of the newest products that has been introduced is the debt recovery helpline, this is a product that works hand in hand with a policy to enable get advice from solicitors about issues you have with customers paying on time. This is designed to help you get what your owed to avoid unnecessary business disruption. This comes free as part of any tech and communications policy with Markel.

Markel have just recently identified a need for a new product that can include more than just the one type of cover under one policy. The new product means that no longer do SME’s need to take out multiple policies. Under a combined policy Markel are able to tailor the new product to an individual’s needs. The new product is designed to allow technology businesses to cover all risks to the business in one policy. The new product allows for the inclusion of breach of contract cover, Intellectual Property disputes, and other civil liabilities. Whereas previously a business would have to look at multiple policies to get the overall cover they need. However, the new product allows a business to only have one policy which is far easier to manage and makes it easier and less time consuming for the business when it comes to renewal time. All this works with the debt recovery helpline to enable your business to unction with as little disruption as possible to ensure the best results.

Markel are looking at the technology sector as it is a market/ industry that will never stop moving forward. Technology is the driving force behind modern life and the way we operate as people. Markel know that in order for a business to push the envelope of technology they will need to be able to do so with little fear, and as a result they look to enable businesses by providing protection and cover should mistake happen. Obviously they look to make money from it, but they have to take a risk on you and your business knowing that it could cost them more than they get from the premium.

Markel’s decision to create this new policy could work out brilliantly for them and the industry but it could also mean that businesses become less careful in their operation as they know they are covered and as a result become damaging. However, you can trust that Markel will take the steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen whilst providing the protect that allows the businesses they protect to move forward and grow.ADF Blog Banner

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