MADE SIMPLE CII Initiative: A Jargon Buster available to general public on insurance phrases

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) have just came up with a new initiative to help customers understand the insurance industry vocabulary used when transacting insurance.

The initiative is set to be launched at the end of this month, May 2015. MADE SIMPLE – The initiative will be an free informative web site and app which will be user friendly to both mobile devices and tablets alike and best of all, accessible to all the general public. The website/ app will have an avatar call CIIndy to guide you through the site and any queries, there also be informative product guides on various types of insurance.

The aim is for the CII initiative to focus firstly on personal lines insurance, so you household, motor or travel insurance. Other products that have also been mentioned are commercial product guides and even specialist type insurance such as a flooding insurance product guide. For example the CII journal reported that guides for motor insurance premiums will be explained with the hope will me more enlightened and know what to expect when an insurance renewal is due.

I think alot of us in the industry notice and appreciate that many words and phrases used in the insurance industry may confuse the consumer, we do try to explain or go through procedures which may help alleviate any confusion and understand the insurance processes. I myself find the idea of the MADE SIMPLE initiative extremely positive as it saves time for a lot of companies in the industry in producing their own product guides which can benefit the customer.  In some circumstances we  take for granted that the consumers knowledge on insurance words/ phrases are there when in fact they may not be.

I encourage the general public and our clients to keep a look out for the launch of the MADE SIMPLE site, I believe this will hopefully bring a closer understanding and relationship between the customer/ consumer and the insurance industry.

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