Laser Lines to bring new laser to the UK market

Laser Lines is pleased to bring to the UK market the new “Eox” CO2 laser marking system from Datalogic Automation, which features an on-board controller for true stand-alone operation. The Eox is intended for marking blister packs and pharmaceutical packaging “on-the-fly” on high speed production lines.

Laser Lines supplies a range of laser types for materials processing applications that encompass cutting, drilling, engraving, coding, micro-machining, marking and welding. Our portfolio includes CO2, YAG (diode and lamp pumped) fibre and diode lasers, available as simple laser sources or integrated in a workstation to provide a full manufacturing system level solution. We have extensive demonstration and application laboratories and are able to give unbiased advice on the suitability of your material for laser processing.

The requirement of medical device manufacturers is for stringent quality and high process repeatability; often the feature size required is too small to manufacture with traditional machining methods and the laser provides an ideal solution for many of these requirements.

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