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Hacked; real life examples

The house hold names

The Yahoo data breach more than 500 million accounts were hacked and stolen when hackers attacked. The cost of the breach is as of yet unclear as it is unknown the extent of the data hackers stole. However, it has already impacted on the deal that Verizon has to acquire the business and is believed to have “cost hundreds of millions of dollars” (the independent). This will also cause an issue for Verizon as the reputation of Yahoo is tarnished and consumer confidence in the business is low.

TalkTalk was hacked in October 2015 with 157,000 customers affected from the theft of stolen names, e-mail addresses, phone number, bank account numbers, and debit/ credit card details. As a result, they lost 95,000 customers in the period following the breach. In May 2016, they reported a fall in profit from £32m to £14m as well as £42m in costs to rectify the breach. This hack was carried out by 6 individuals all under the age of 21 including a 15-year-old and two 16-year-olds. Since the breach, experts have suggested the hack wasn’t that difficult and TalkTalk should have had greater encryption/ security controls.

PlayStation network;he PlayStation network has suffered multiple attacks. In 2011 the PlayStation network was hacked and caused the network to stop access to its online features in order to prevent the hackers stealing bank details. More recently in 2016 the network was hacked again. However this time they were able to get the details of some customers and make purchases on their accounts. Sony are in the process of refunding all of the illegitimate purchases. As well as spending money on security improvements to try and insure that the problem doesn’t happen again costing the company millions. As well as this the gaming giant has suffered major reputational damage.

The Royal 

Pippa Middleton
 has been hacked recently and as a result her personal images from a cloud storage system have been leaked online. As a result of this she has sought legal advises and had to have it passed in court that no media can publish the photo’s further in the public domain. As of yet we are unsure what further action has been taken.


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