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Domiciliary Care Agencies – We Need You

According to a recent report from Which? there is a short fall in care for the elderly as we have an ageing population. This short fall amounts to approximately 50,000 beds by 2022. This is merely a forecast and should not be taken as gospel but even so there must be a degree of truth in the matter. Domiciliary care is a fundamental requirement for some elderly people and without the help of carers there lives would be dull. A lot of the time it is these types of carers that not only help the elderly but provide support and comfort for the families. And for that Domiciliary care agencies we thank you.

This is not a sob story, about the elderly. But merely a thank you for the work that a lot of you are carrying out but also a plea that you continue to do your best and also grow to fulfil this need.

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We have a responsibility as insurance brokers to allow this to happen. Domiciliary care agencies need the opportunity to grow to fill the gap. We feel that it is important we are able to support them in doing this. This is why we continue to support and seek insurance to allow them to go about their daily activities without worry. We aim to provide insurance for Domiciliary care in order to allow them the freedom to grow and continue their good work.


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