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Can medical cases get a turbo injection?

Medical cases look to be fast tracked as the government proposes streamlining and cutting the fat of regulators. The proposed plans could see the host of regulators which currently stand at 9 cut down to 3. In an attempt to streamline the process of patient claims being dealt with and cut times. Government officials say that this could save millions.

This is part of an overhaul that will look to ensure that claims are dealt with in a timelier manner. As in the past claims have been stretched out as far as a couple of years meaning that patients are left without reconciliation. The new plan can reduce this time and speed up the process allowing medical professionals to go to work much sooner without an incident looming over them.


What will this mean for our clients?

In short, not a lot will change from an insurance perspective other than the speed at which insurers will deal with a claim. However, you could see changes from your regulators depending on the new processes and regulatory rules that they decide to enforce should the change go ahead. It is all a little vague at the moment as to what will be happening. It seems that the plan will face heavy opposition from the existing regulators.

It is in an effort to cut costs without damaging your services and ability to give care. This in turn should not lead to a change in your job roles but may merely alter the way in which you have to carry and perform certain tasks and procedures. However, this may lead to your regulators lacking the necessary knowledge to regulate your activities correctly. This could then have an impact on your insurance should you breach regulation and receive a fine or a patient make a claim for the regulation breach. This could then in turn push up future premiums.


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