professional services

Acentrica Limited

“As a small business we have always historically struggled to ensure we had the right insurances, providing adequate cover for all areas of our commercial operations. We have always found it difficult to find an insurance package to suit our business, in particular some specialist areas of risk we have to indemnify against.

We have traditionally gone directly to major insurance companies, but have found this both very time consuming and confusing, especially when you are unable to speak to the same person twice. We were always left worrying whether we were underinsured or had missed some areas that left us exposed and at risk.

This all changed earlier this year when we approached Andrew Flavell at ADF Insurance for help and advice in renewing our various business insurances.

From the outset Andrew has provided a professional, personal service, he came out to see us and quickly ascertained the various elements and branches of our business operation and he was able to comprehensibly advise on the areas that we would need to insure. Andrew’s subsequent quotations were extremely competitive and needless to say we have now transferred all of our business insurances to ADF.

We now feel happy that the premiums we are paying, are providing us with exceptional levels of cover and we have gained a thorough understanding of what we are and are not insured for. Andrew has continued to provide us with ongoing support and is always available to speak to directly, which is an enormous plus for us, we would highly recommend ADF insurance for your business.”

Jennifer A Evans & Adrian J Turner
Acentrica Limited