Insurance Services

Our services are based on three principal functions being insurance broking, account and claims management.
  • Insurance Broking

    Insurance broking involves a number of key stages being;

    • We review your insurance needs by understanding your exposures.
    • We identify the most suitable insurers ie those that will deliver the most attractive options for your business.
    • We obtain quotations in accordance with your requirements and when complete feedback the result of exercise.
    • Together we identify the most suitable option(s).

    Once agreed we place coverage on your behalf and obtain policy documentation.

    Finally we provide full summary of the insurances purchased.

  • Account Management

    Running in parallel with our broking service we provide a full account management service.

    This service includes but is not limited to;

    • Day to day account administration including general queries, policy documentation etc.
    • Regular review of your insurance requirements to ensure the insurance you buy is what you need
    • Help with difficult or large claims to ensure that they are dealt promptly and settlements are fair
    • Risk management advice or input across many areas including health & safety, business continuity.




    Regular review of Insurers performance and security.

  • Claims Management

    In the event of a claim it’s important to know that your broker is there to support you.

    Our services include;

    • Reporting and handling
    • Claim Validation
    • Claims mediation
    • Problem solving and Insurer negotiation
  • Risk Management

    Before you buy insurance it is important that you understand what risks your business is exposed to as it may mean that by implementing certain measures and controls you can either eliminate improve or mitigate risk. This will ensure that your insurance can be tailored to your specific needs.

    We can help you with this as part of our insurance review process, focusing on:

    • Claims experience
    • Internal procedures and controls
    • Management structure
    • Risk appetite