professional services

Professional Services

We provide professional firms with professional indemnity insurance.

Cover can be tailored to your needs with a variety of excesses and limits available. This means that you pay for the exact protection you need.
We have access to all of the main professional indemnity markets and also Lloyds of London.

In support of the professional indemnity we are able to offer the full range of insurance products to cater for your needs either as standalone policies or as a package including:

  • Property & Business Interruption
  • Employers Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Motor Fleet

Our products and services are designed for all type of professional firms from the small owner managed consultancies through to larges regional practices. These are some of the trade we cater for:

  • Accountants

    We offer insurance services for the majority of accountants from sole practitioners to larger practices covering the full range of activities including auditing, commercial taxation, insolvency, management consultancy, investment advice and mergers & acquisitions.

    Our markets are able to provide ICAEW & other industry association complaint wordings.

  • Architects

    If you’re an architect, you need insurance cover that’s designed to meet your needs. We are able to tailor cover towards professionals working in areas such as restoration, structural interior design and landscape architecture.

    In addition we are able to include cover for:

    • Disputes caused by breach of duty of care as referred to under the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996
    • Defence costs if you are prosecuted for breach of statutory obligations under the Construction, design and Management (CONDAM) Regulations and Property Mis-descriptions Act
  • Design & Construction

    We handle a variety of different construction clients including

    • those who have their own in house design or architectural teams,
    • those who appoint external architects and engineers to undertake such work
    • those who are awarded a design and build contract on the basis of using their customers appointed design and build consultants.


    Cover is provided for civil liability which arises from the Assured design, specification, supervision of construction and includes mitigation costs

  • Employment agents & recruitment consultants

    We can offer insurance cover tailored towards employment agencies, online consultants and head-hunters.

    Professional indemnity insurance will help protect you if claims are brought against you by a client due to problems with work you have done for them and also when required include any vicarious liability for temporary staff placed.

  • Engineers

    The diversity and complexity of work performed by engineers requires Professional Indemnity insurance to be comprehensive and flexible.

    If you are an engineer working in areas such as building services, electrical inspecting, heating or ventilation, our professional indemnity policy can help protect you if claims are brought against you by a client because of problems with work you have done for them.

  • Independent financial advisors

    Professional indemnity cover is a compulsory requirement of The Financial Conduct Authority and must be maintained in order that the practice may trade. The insurance will protect you against any negligent advice or errors and omissions.

    We offer insurance cover tailored towards mortgage brokers, second tier intermediaries and financial advisors.

  • Media & Publishers

    Media business, which includes marketing communications, is often treated by insurers as a miscellaneous class. The miscellaneous wordings, however, provide inadequate levels of insurance cover.

    Marketing communications agencies may not be aware of the potentially crippling liabilities they could incur in their everyday business. The responsibility of ensuring that a client’s image is conveyed to stakeholders is an important job. Mistakes in literature can be rectified quickly but damaged reputations are more difficult to restore.

    We are able to obtain professional indemnity insurance that is designed to respond to the needs of marketing communications companies working within:

    • Advertising
    • Direct marketing and sales promotion
    • Marketing consultancy
    • Market research
    • Public relations
    • Graphic design
    • Brand consultancy
    • Events organisation
    • Multimedia consultancy
    • Online marketing and website design
    • Publishing
  • Medical Professionals

    We can arrange professional indemnity insurance for medical professionals that provide either healthcare advice or clinical research services.

    Due to the variety and complexity of the problems that medical professionals face every day it is vital that you have the right insurance cover. In addition with compensation awards increasing year on year professional indemnity cover has never been more important.

    At ADF Insurance we are able to arrange professional indemnity insurance for medical professionals with insurers that have an experience within the medical industry and are able to offer you the support and protection you need.

  • Solicitors

    Professional indemnity insurance for Solicitors presents a unique challenge for the insurance market. Due to the variety and complexity of the problems that practitioners face every day it is vital that you have the right insurance cover.

    At ADF Insurance we are able to arrange professional indemnity insurance for Solicitors that exceeds the Law Society minimum requirements with insurers that offer you the support and protection when you need it most.

  • Surveyors & Estate Agents

    We can offer professional indemnity insurance across the full spectrum of surveyors, from residential to commercial and small practices to larger firms.

    All practicing members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) are required to hold professional indemnity insurance and we can arrange cover that is fully RICS compliant.

  • Medical Malpractice Insurance

    Medical malpractice insurance provides indemnity for professional negligence by act or omission by a health care provider in which the treatment provided falls below the accepted standard of practice in the medical community and causes injury or death to the patient, with most cases involving medical error.

    With rapid advances in pharmaceutical efficacy, combined with increasingly sophisticated and complicated medical procedures professional healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to meet not only the minimum standards of their industry but also the expectations of their patients.

    Its not only Doctors and Nurses that require medical malpractice insurance. For anyone that providing clinical or medical care medical malpractice insurance is essential. Claims are frequent and settlements significant.

    The insurance market for medical malpractice is not large. Understanding and underwriting such business is time consuming. The level of research required and the need to keep abreast of problems and progress in these fields is essential. Industry developments, happening at an ever-increasing rate, can mean huge changes in exposure for different segments of the profession. Therefore only specialist insurers are able to underwrite confidently and effectively in this market.

    ADF Insurance work extensively with these insurers to deliver medical malpractice insurance for a wide range of professional healthcare providers.

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